Baseball Stars Color

SNK (May 31st, 1999)

Portable systems are ideal for two genres of games, role playing and Sports.  Nothing passes the time faster on a long car trip than a great RPG.  But what if you have shorter trips?  When nothing beat a sports game.


NeoGeo Pocket

Streets of Rage

Sega (August 2nd, 1991)

Streets of Rage is your typical side scrolling action beat ’em up that was the Genesis’ answer to Double Dragon. Just like Double Dragon the game has you moving left to right and kicking the crap out of anything that gets in your


Sega Genesis

Alien vs. Predator

Atari Corporation (October 20th, 1984)

I actually never owned the Atari Jaguar but my brother did so I was able to play a bunch of its games. For being a 64-Bit system most of the stuff he bought or rented wasn’t the best quality. 


Atar Jaguar

Golden Axe Warrior

Sega (1991)

What happens when you combine the hack ‘n slash title Golden Axe with Nintendo’s break-thru RPG The Legend of Zelda? Well, you get a Zelda clone with Golden Axe characters. 



River City Ransom

Technos Japan (April 25th, 1989)

The first time I ever read about River City Ransom was in an old issue of Nintendo Power. It looked terrific. It had great graphics, a neat story, and a fighting system that resembled a juiced-up Double Dragon.