RetroReview: Ghouls 'n Ghosts (1990)

This is a sequel to the awesome (but extremely hard) Nintendo Entertainment System game Ghosts ‘N Goblins.  This is one of those games that does show off how powerful the Sega Master System really was and it is sad that it never reached the level of popularity that the Nintendo Entertainment System version did.

The story is your typical knight rescuing the princess but this game isn’t about a story, it is about action and besides some minor slow down you are definitely going to find lots of action.

The graphics are outstanding and blow away the original on the Nintendo Entertainment System..  They are crisp and clean and definitely draw you into the action.  You might even mistake it for the Genesis version at quick glance.  Yes, it is that good!

The music is pretty close to the Genesis version and the sound affects are clear and loud.  This is definitely the best Genesis to Master System port I have seen. There most definitely should have been more Genesis to Master System ports made for those that didn't want to upgrade just yet when they are of this quality.

The Sega Master System version even has something up on the Genesis version.  There are some hidden doors that pop up every once in a while that when entered lead you to a friendly wizard who will give you a piece of red armor.  You are able to take a couple extra hits without losing your armor while wearing the red armor.  Nice!  This makes it playable to even those that have beaten the Genesis version.

It is really hard to believe this is an 8-Bit game because the quality is so high.  It is a fun game and one of the really bright spots in the Sega Master System game library.

- The Big Geek

Release Date: March 1990

Publisher: Capcom

Developers: Capcom

Original System: Arcade

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