RetroReview: Baseball Stars Color (1999)

Portable systems are ideal for two genres of games, role playing and Sports.  Nothing passes the time faster on a long car trip than a great RPG.  But what if you have shorter trips?  When nothing beat a sports game.  Not all sports games excel on a little portable but golf and baseball do.

This game reminds me more of an 8-bit Nintendo baseball game then a modern portable one.  While at bat you have minimal movement and you just swing to hit the ball, no adjusting the bat to hit the ball like in Baseball Advance on the GBA.  Pitching gives you the standard “press down for a fast ball, up for a slow ball etc” options.   A really basic game but those can be fun of course.  Fielding is totally automatic, all you have to do is make sure you throw to the correct base.

Again graphically you would swear you are playing a classic Nintendo game. It’s the standard overhead view with the batter at the bottom, pitcher up top and boxes displaying any runners on base.  The sound also is the standard fare, nothing special.  Yep, this review is even run of the mill!

If you are looking for a major simulation of baseball with lots of stats then you won’t want this game.  This is arcade baseball at it’s most mediocre.  The season mode is just laughable, you pick a team and go about defeating all the other teams.  Also there isn’t MLB license, all the teams are fictitious so don’t be looking for your favorite player. The teams are all ranked in four categories: pitching, batting, fielding, and running.

Baseball Stars is a fun game on the go and basically your only choice for baseball on the Neo Geo Pocket Color.  Just don’t go into it thinking it is a mobile EA baseball game otherwise you will be greatly disappointed.

- The Big Geek

Release Date: May 31st, 1999

Publisher: SNK

Developers: SNK

Original System: Neo Geo Pocket Color