RetroReview: Alien vs Predator (1994)

I actually never owned the Atari Jaguar but my brother did so I was able to play a bunch of its games. For being a 64-Bit system most of the stuff he bought or rented wasn’t the best quality. The one major exception to this was Aliens Vs. Predator. This was such a great game and totally blew away Doom, which I was currently playing on my PC. Aliens Vs. Predator was one of the first games that actually scared me.

When starting the game you have the choice to play as a Marine, an Alien or a Predator. And just so there is no confusion your choice really matters as they are not cookie cutters of each other. They all play and control differently and the interface is specific for each character. Choosing your character is a very serious decision. If you just want to go through the game shooting everything at will then the Marine is your best choice. If you want the absolute best weapons in the game and also the ability to be invisible then the Predator is right up your alley. On the other hand, if you really want a challenge then you must choose the Alien. You have no weapons at all but a cool feature is if you place an egg in your enemy then if you die you burst from that enemy’s chest. Its like getting extra lives.

The graphics are breathtaking to say the least. The game is crisp and clear and the detail is amazing. It really shows off what the Jaguar can do. The HUD is transparent so you can see your environment full screen. Again I think this is the most impressive game in the Jaguar’s library.

Now you may notice that during the game there is no music. Now I’ve heard a lot of people complain about it’s lack of music but honestly I think the game is so much better by its omission. All you hear is the sound of your steps, your heart beating, your enemy sensor, screaming and of course the gun blasts. This game will spook you if played in the dark and the sound turned way up.

I really enjoyed this game as did most anyone that played it with us. I recommend giving it a try sometime, you won’t be sorry. And since it is considered by many to be the absolute best game on the Atari Jaguar every owner of the systems owes it to themselves to track this game down and add it to their library.

- The Big Geek

Release Date: October 20th, 1994

Publisher: Atari Corporation

Developers: Rebellion Developments

Original System: Atari Jaguar